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Tank Top Tote Bag – My Design!

Girls just wanna have fun and be creative, don’t we? If you are a fashionista and have that little magic hands, it’s time for you to put your creativity into use. If you have that tank top that you can’t wear anymore, why don’t make it into an instant make-over and transform it into a TRENDY tote bag! This weekend, let’s walk around Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square with pride- with your very own design of that cute little tote bag! 🙂

Follow these VERY EASY STEPS and you are on the way to a fashionista you!
(Well of course you will need a tee and an elastic band, first!) 🙂
All you ever need to do is to turn your tank top inside out and tie off the end with an elastic band or with a rubber band. Make sure you tie it secure enough so that it will be able to hold weight.

Then, turn it back and TAAA-DAAA, you have your very own first ever DIY tote bag! This cute little tote bag is strong enough to hold your purse, handphone, lip balm, compact powder, sunnies and even your little notebook that you carry around everywhere!
See how easy and cute! 🙂
After your success in your first ever DIY tote bag, you can try to work with your hands into some very basic sewing! So lay another tank top and let’s proceed into another fun easy to do tote bag 🙂
So again, turn your tank top inside out and pin the bottom where you will sew it shut. You can either sew it straight across or rounded depending on how you want your tote to look like. Then cut the excess fabric around the pins.Next, sew around the edges that you have pinned, sewing it twice so that this time you would have a stronger hold tote bag. Turn your tank top back again after sewing and………………………………. another creative yet pretty DIY tote bag! 🙂

You can also add in wordings or designs on your tote bag or even add in cute buttons or sew pockets depending on your creativity. This easy to do DIY tote bag will definitely save you bucks and of course, Environmental Friendly! Yes yes yes, we are talking about helping the earth, people! 🙂
Have fun in creating one or two and who knows maybe in future, you might have your own tote bag line, thanks to these simple steps DIY 🙂


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