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Big Bikers, Big Hearts: Motorbikes, Blood & Crayons

Everyone loves an action-packed thriller, tough guys, adrenalin, cool wheels, and some blood thrown in. Add a touching sub-plot with cute kids and you have a family-friendly summer blockbuster!

Too cliché? Well, here’s the real-life story:

19th May 2013 : a bright, sunny day at Hatten Square Suites and Shoppes.

T’was 10am and the morning lull was broken by the low, purring rumble of 15 monster Big Bikes cruising into Hatten Square’s outdoor foyer.

Lining the passageway, 10 more Big Bikes were stationed; chrome gleaming in the early sunlight. Leather & bandanas were the mode of the day and testosterone fueled the atmosphere.

blog 1Meanwhile, inside Hatten Square Mall, little kids were setting out rainbow crayons and art paper on their mini drawing desks.

Nearby, a trained medical team was busy preparing the medical trolleys, syringes and cellophane-wrapped blood bags….intrigued?

This was the day of the large-scale ‘Blood Donation Drive & Colouring Contest’ event organised by the Malacca Two Wheelers, a local Big Bikers club.

blog 2

edited 5 beca 2

It was heart-warming to see big, buff guys in their leather jackets and grunge biker boots helping to set up the trophy  tables for the kids colouring contest. Others were lying on blood trolleys, chatting to mates while their red corpuscles flowed through the tubes into pint bags.

edited 2 blood

Crowds gathered throughout the day to watch the kids’ creativity…..


… and many people participated in the blood donation drive. It was a bustling day but everything went smoothly and in the end, everyone was happy having done their bit for charity. A total of 70 packs of blood was collected for the General Hospital Melaka.

Well done, everyone!

And finally, in true Hollywood style, the day ended with a huge convoy of big bikes riding off into the sunset… Big Bikers with BIG hearts.

The End.


Malacca Two Wheelers club

General Hospital, Melaka

Melaka’s talented kids


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