Tedx 2019

Main Stage @ Hatten Hotel, Grand Ballroom

August 25th, 2019 : For the second consecutive year, Hatten has as the main and venue sponsor, played its role in supporting the positive cause of Tedx Jonkerstreet by enriching the minds of the local community through the sharing of valuable ideas and experiences by determined individuals. Last year in 2018, the flag off event was held at Hatten Place @ Hatten City, Melaka. This 2019, Hatten has gone a step further by offering the 5-Star Hatten Hotel Grand Ballroom in line with the organizers expansion of participants due to the high demand response from the previous Tedx Jonkerstreet.

Prior to the event, the press conference session was also held at Hatten Hotel and was graced by the attendance of YB Khoo Poay Tiong. The General Manager of Hatten Hotel, Datuk Chuck Kassim, was also one of the panels to speak on behalf of Hatten and its reasons in agreeing to support this event for the second back-to-back year.

Thereafter, the Tedx team held roadshows in schools within the state to drive awareness for Ted’s mission and invite these young ones as participants and to experience the positivism and determination that they’ll take home with them.

On the event day, there were many experiential booths set up along the Hatten Grand Ballroom foyer to showcase the projects and businesses of the speakers involved. Apart from services being promoted at these booths, guests were able to delight themselves in free tasting of products like Calamansi Juice, Artisan Coffee & Flavoured Tea.

Many of the speakers not only shared their insights and ideas but also put on unique performances and tutorials that made the talk extra interesting and kept the audience attention.

Hatten believes that a motivational sharing like this is worth supporting because it contributes good-naturedly to the community as it is a powerful way to make people feel emotionally connected and improve the way we think, act, feel and communicate.

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