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Year 2019 sees Hatten going full force to join the movements of reduce, reuse and recycle. Throughout all divisions, the management and employees are taking steps to make all practices more sustainable.

In the management offices, employees are encouraged to bring in their own mugs or flasks of water, and guests are offered water in glasses, while the plastic bottles are available as complimentary for guests to grab and go when in need. In the marketing department, our team endeavors to convert and encourage the use of digital materials such as flyers, newsletters, etc.

On the administration part, we continue to reduce staples by replacing them with the use of reusable paper clips, papers are used mindfully and shredded before being disposed into the recycling bins, and we try to minimize the impact on recycling process by printing in colour only when absolutely necessary.

Over at our hotels, the HHW management has also undertaken a grand commitment to decrease its environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of the services offered. HHW has already adopted numerous initiatives within its hotels…


Hatten Hotels Worldwide (HHW) wants to do our part to preserve the environment which is why we have embarked on a pledge to plant 10,000 trees, locally and abroad by year 2028. Inspired by the International Tree Foundation, HHW has begun its tree-planting efforts in Melaka contributing to its ‘Clean & Green’ state government initiative in collaboration with the Melaka Historic City Council.

We hope that this small gesture will help build a better future and a more resilient Earth for our children. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please email us at hhwcares@hattenhotels.com 


HHW believes in playing an active role in the global effort to preserve the oceans, beaches, seas and waterways. By teaming together to collect beach trash, our aim is not only to make our beaches a nicer, safer place but also to improve the coastal and ocean ecosystem.

More than that, HHW also plans to collaborate with a local marine protection organisation to collect data on the actual scale of the marine debris problem. This effort is a first step in raising awareness, to bring attention to the problem – and start to find real, practical solutions, instead of just organising clean-ups. 


The amount of plastic debris discarded has doubled over the last 50 years causing plastic pollution to have an immense negative impact on our oceans and wildlife health. On account of this, HHW believes that it is crucial to partake and contribute to effective interventions for reduction.

HHW has made a pledge to discontinue all single-use plastic materials by the year 2021. Our recent commitment factors in the replacement of plastic drinking water bottles with glassware in all our function rooms, and the elimination of single-use toiletry bottles through a transition of current polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles to refillable bottles.


HHW has joined efforts with our amenities provider towards soap recycling, giving used soaps a second life. The hospitality industry throws away billions of bars of soap annually. HHW is devoted to ensuring that our soaps does not become part of the thousands of kilograms wastage in overcrowded landfills.

In Collaboration With: One Less Straw and WWF


500 million straws are used and discarded every day in the United States alone. That’s 175 billion a year filtering into landfills and the environment, littering waterways and oceans. One Less Straw is a global movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws, to reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastic and create awareness about pollution. 

Playing our part, all dining outlets under HHW have pledged to limit the use of plastic straws served with beverages. We encourage all our guests to support our participation in the One Less Straw initiative. Less consumption means less waste and less straws. However, straws will be provided upon request. 


Studies have shown that around 73 million sharks are finned every year. These 73 million sharks die from lack of oxygen because they are not able to move to filter the water through their gills or are eaten by other fish. 

HHW is working together with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in a pledge not to serve, promote or trade sharks fin and shark products. Let us all join the movement to stop cruelty to sharks by removing sharks fin soup from our menus. It is a small gesture, but by this, we are making our stand against animal abuse.


To HHW, transitioning our energy usage innovatively into renewable energy sources plays an integral part in our sustainability goals and we go all out operating responsibly to address these issues. In an effort to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to the offset of carbon emissions, HHW has started installing rooftop solar panels to our hotels. We believe that every possible action taken leads to a more sustainable future that will not only have a positive impact on people and the planet, but also enables companies not rely on carbon-emitting fossil fuels to power our businesses.


This 2019, HHW has signed up with ‘Kloth Cares Fabric Recycling Movement’ to be the FIRST hospitality partner in Melaka. With up to 2 million kilograms in a day, textile waste makes up 5% in our landfills instead of being recycled. Inspired by Kloth Cares and their movement, HHW has donated 3.7 thousand kilograms of discarded linens as our flag off contribution to reducing methane release which is a significant contributor to global warming.

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