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Such A Small Amount 2 Give, So Someone Else May Live

February 29th, 2020 : Why is Hatten organizing blood drives tirelessly? Well.. did you know that every 1 pint of blood is capable of saving 3 adults or 5 little human lives? Hatten truly cares and our intent is to support and contribute to this movement as much as we possibly can.

On average in Malaysia, our National Blood Bank collects 3,200 units (450ml per unit) of blood in a week. However, close to 2,000 blood bags are needed for services throughout the country! On top of that, blood supply has a short lifespan whereby the red blood cells can last up to only 42 days. In our body, our red blood cells can only stay alive up to 122 days. So instead of simply letting them expire before they are replaced with the renewed cells, we can use them to save lives!

Last month, Estadia Hotel Melaka took on their part to organize one of these fundamental blood donation drives. Working hand in hand with the Blood Transfusion Unit of Melaka General Hospital, the event went along smoothly and successfully, collecting approximately 31 bags out of 47 volunteers. Sadly, not everyone can be accepted as a blood donor even if they wanted to. This is due to reasons such as weakened or ill health conditions that could endanger themselves or the receivers of the contaminated blood.

Apart from building awareness and motivation for the public, Hatten also encourages their employees to voluntarily commit to being a regular blood donor.

According to research, only 2 in 1000 Malaysians are willing to participate in blood donation events. Many Malaysians are not even aware of the benefits offered to regular blood donors as an initiative to encourage blood donation.

> Donors who donates at least twice a year are entitled to a free Hepatitis B vaccination.

> Those who surpass the 50 times of whole blood or 150 times of apheresis (withdrawal of whole blood from the body, separation of one or more components, and return by transfusion of remaining blood to the donor), are entitled to free outpatient treatment at any government hospital, with free first-class ward for the first 10 years, and second-class ward after.

> Finally, for those who donates regularly every 6 months, they are offered free health screening.

Refreshments for donors was part of the program as well. Our dedicated F&B team from Estadia Hotel Melaka set up a simple yet generous buffet spread that included Estadia style fried noodles and some traditional ‘Nyonya kuih’. The blood bank team had also kindly prepared sets of doughnuts and milk for our valued volunteers. Thereafter, the Blood Transfusion Unit Team was treated by Estadia Hotel to a delightful Hi-Tea as a token of appreciation for their hard day’s work.

Hatten takes great pride and commitment in our community services whenever and wherever we can, and we are always thrilled to watch people take charge and making that positive choice for a good cause. Stay with us and be sure to drop by when we plan our next blood donation drive. Blood drives are easy, fun and absolutely rewarding.

IT SAVES LIVES..what more is there to say?

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