Hatten Cares for Our Children

Jan 8, 2021 : In welcoming 2021, the world still remains uncertain if this new year will shine the brighter light that is very much desired. Over the past 4 weeks, the Hatten Cares team has been excitedly planning and preparing for the first CSR activity of the year. Aside from the modest contribution for food supply, it is not by surprise that the initiative is intended to cheer up our young ones who were preparing to go back to school in the midst of a pandemic.

Children were initially set to return to the classroom on 20th January 2021 and allocations for this project were scheduled to be distributed to 4 homes individually. Our Hatten Cares team had happily packed 135 little care bags filled with cute and colourful stationary items and goodies. Unfortunately, due to the implementation of the second MCO, back to the classroom sessions has been postponed till further notice and our team has only managed to carry out the distribution to 2 of those homes. Nevertheless, the remaining 2 homes will still receive the love as promised at a later stage when the MCO has been lifted and we are certain that the trinkets in these bags will still serve to be useful as these children prepare themselves for lessons at home.

Meanwhile, our visits to the first 2 groups of children has been a delightful one as they so gleefully received the provisions and individual gift bags. It was such a joy to go back to the ‘Cheerful Children Center Bukit Baru’ again and see how much these little ones have grown. Evidently, some have left the home and there were a few new faces, but there were definitely those we still recognized since our last visit there. At present, it remains HOME to 17 children between the ages of 4-17, as well as 2 single mothers who finds refuge while also taking care of the children.

At AgapeCare Melaka, we handed out bags to 30 less priviledged children who were from single parent households. The Agape team had transported the children to the center at 3pm to receive their gift bags. As some received their bags, we could hear them squealing with joy at how generously filled up the bag was. Those kind of reactions are what makes the art of giving a sure pleasure. Hatten was also very happy to be able to present a cash money packet for AgapeCare to aid these children and single parents wherever possible. The Hatten Cares team was so touched as the Agape caretakers insisted that each of us have a slice of a very lovely fruit cake.

We look forward to visiting the next two homes as soon as the circumstances permits. For those wanting to reach out to these homes and extend your generosity, kindly contact them through the numbers listed below.

Cheerful Children Center Bukit Baru – Mr Thomas @ 013 691 3240

AgapeCare Melaka – Ms Patricia @ 06 334 1121

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