Adapt and Evolve as One

Jan 15, 2021 : Return of the MCO in Malaysia had once again shaken hired hands who are thinking of the families they have to feed and provide for, and the bills that still needs to be paid. Business owners are not spared the wrath of these worrisome state of affairs either. The worldwide crisis has nearly shutdown entire industries and forced companies of all sizes to adapt and evolve. In spite of everything, Hatten has made every effort to learn from the uncertainties that came about during the initial occurrence. This time, being a little more prepared.

E-Guidebook for all employees

Planning and scheduling for teams to be divided into groups for a weekly rotation basis were executed seamlessly. The inventory for reserved devices had already been updated and ready to be distributed to those assigned to Work From Home (WFH). Since previous recommencement of business after the MCO 1.0, all precautionary measures were set in place accordingly and by now, it has become a norm of everyday ins and outs of the office.

Many departments like administration, sales administration, accounts and others, runs on specific systems. In saying this, the company has gone out of its way to ensure that employees from these departments who are scheduled to work remotely will still be able to continue with their tasks, receive their wages accordingly, and not be terribly impacted.

Throughout the crisis period, Hatten has made changes across the board to address our employees’ most pressing concerns. Noticing and understanding employees who needed various types of support, some even more than others. Trusting that if we remain steadfast and continue to support one another through these trying times, we will get through it as a family.

Working on Weekly Rotation – Team A in the house!

The company deeply values our people who give their very best at work each day and by helping them, we also help ourselves.

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