Caring for Our Women

March 2021 : A week before the International Women’s Day, many single mothers, golden ladies, and women, who are faced with various life challenges, has gratefully received a generous lot of clothes and some provisions for themselves, their children and their family as a whole. We have seen women from all ethnic, age and background with their own inspiring stories. We are truly inspired to see and learn of how their situation have given them no other alternative but to stand tall and strong as the backbone of their children and family, and how they wake each day to overcome each uphill battle time and again without giving up.

Hatten Group had carried out a 3 day pre loved clothing drive in the offices, where Hattenites were able to contribute decent condition clothings which they have outgrown, or had a change in preference for. Toys and shoes were also welcomed for the less fortunate. Thereafter, the collection was handed over to our Kechara volunteers for distribution within the local community in need.

Along with the clothes, women and children with their families also received a handful of grocery items which are generously sponsored by Tesco Melaka. The items included daily necessities such as rice, eggs, sugar, milk, instant noodles and more. Tesco Melaka has been a committed sponsor and partner of Kechara Foodbank Melaka since the beginning, contributing surplus vegetables and bakery breads, as well as items that needs to be used before the nearing end dates.

As a sponsor and partner of Kechara Foodbank Melaka, Hatten helps wherever possible in contribution for the local community through the Kechara Melaka organization. We work hand in hand and help each other with CSR activities, ensuring that we do our best to serve the under privilege.

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