To My Heroes , With Love

March 17th, 2021 : From EtonHouse Melaka, comes another stirring example of how our little ones can make a day in the lives of our healthcare workers just a little bit sweeter. The initiative materialised after a discussion took place with our children on the topic of “What can you do for your community?”, where points raised included and led to ‘people involved in keeping our community safe during these dangerous times of grave illnesses – the frontliners’. Thereafter, spontaneously resulting in enthusiastic little ones who were simply desperate to give back.

Our children played a very important role as little helpers, preparing and packing 150 lunch boxes along with another 50 packs of banana fritters. They took their work very seriously. Knowing that the packets were going to be received by honourable essential workers who are on their feet each day working hard to save lives, these little children made certain that with adult supervision and guide, they maintained complete hygienic and safe practices in their food handling.

These meals were sponsored in good faith by EtonHouse parents themselves. The menu consisted of fried rice with hotdogs and egg omelette strips.

Every lunch box was accompanied by a sweet “thank you” note that were handwritten by the children with love. They also got together and made an adorable “thank you” poster to express their appreciation for these frontline workers who have tirelessly contributed their invaluable service for the good of our nation. The little poster even charmed the hearts of our heroes enough to earn a spot on their memo board.

On behalf of our little ones, the meals were transported and handed over by our supportive EtonHouse teachers. Little goody bags filled with knick-knacks were given to the receiving representatives as a gesture of humble introduction.

While we know that a single meal and little knick-knacks are far from the most important thing to our essential workers right now, we wanted our children to feel that they have done all they can to share their love and make that one afternoon of our everyday fighters just a wee bit pleasurable. We would like to thank the General Hospital of Melaka and its public relations team for presenting the EtonHouse children with an opportunity to express their gratitude through this successful project.

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